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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Slow Walk DGL Episode #86!

Earlier this month, Daniel and Dave did something very special and captured it for you all to hear!  To find out more and exactly what we're referring to, you'll just have to listen to this episode!  Take a moment to enjoy this New Year's surprise and experience this together with us!!
Download the regular or high quality versions now.


  1. oh wow, I just checked at random to see if there was anything "New". Can´t wait to listen!

  2. Mrs. Jennifer LundgrenJanuary 8, 2014 at 4:45 AM

    Hej guys! This was a great podcast! So cool that you finally got to meet in person! I am in touch with Ian and Austin on other media so will let them know there is a new podcast up! My husband and I still listen to the saturday broadcast and listen through DGL about once a year. Having 12 albums makes it easy, one per month loaded on the mp3. I confess I do not listen to the "Hope" episodes too often though. Now to The Hope that Heals. This is not one of my favorites and I only listen when it shows up on the weekly program. I had thought DGL ended at Season 6 until I came to Sweden, so the first time I heard The Hope that Heals, I thought Mary had cancer or some other such illness. Thanks for all your hard work! We miss you too!

  3. Jennifer Lundgren alerted me to this!

  4. Same here! I was so excited to see you guys did another episode.